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World Editor Help Zone Ask general questions about World Editor features and use in this forum. If you need help fixing a trigger, please post it in Triggers & Scripts. Please review the forum rules before posting.

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Question Some Important Questions

I am trying to make a new map for my friend for his birthday this July. I really want to surprise him.

I have some few questions about World Editor.

1. How can make a unit affected by a certain buff controllable by a certain player during a certain time of the day?

2. How can I make a buff permanent and only removable by a specific ability?

3. How can I make a hero transform to another hero with different model and set of spells but does not change its level and Exp?
(Triggered by a spell)

4. How can I import tile and cliff textures?

5. How to add lighting effects on the sky?

6. Is it possible to increase the map size beyond 260 x 260?How?
(Like Gen_Barnaky's Dark ages of Warcraft)

That's all. Sorry for my bad English
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1. Boolean - Unit has specific buff and Real - Game - time of day.
2. Make the buff be granted by an aura ability. You can put the aura into a hidden spell book to hide the comman card icon. Don't ask how to use a hidden spell book, use search.
3. Transform ability (Bear Form for normal units, Metamorphosis for heroes). You might need to use Engineering Upgrade.
4. Importing should be straightforward, open import manager (F12) and import the file. Change the file path to a texture you want to replace.
5. You are propaly asking for Environment - Set Sky.
6. Yes, with JNGP editor. Upto 480x480. However I do not recommend it since it takes ages to fill with quality content. Don't be too ambitious especially when you are a beginner map maker :)
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I think 256 x 256 takes 1 month to fill up!..

You can also import skies..

i recommend you also to view Advanced Terraining Tutorial

It will help you to make a decent terrain..
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