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GtV:Brief History

GtV (Guard the Village)

What is GtV?
GtV (Guard the Village) is a Warcraft 3 Map. It is a defense/survival type of map categorized as medieval/warcraft set at medieval period. Its main objective is to protect the village from the entering horde of demons.

Brief History
The great demon Saericaz conquered almost all of the humankind. Many cities and villages were burned down. Lives fell into the hands of the great demon.
At that very day, in the peaceful place of Archdraelon, a small village at the northern part of Lordaeron, the gate which was the only protection of its people trembled and fell, for the demon's power made it collapsed. The leader of the village, Hadin, gathered its people. He talked to them that whatever might come, they would defend the village even at the cost of their lives.
The day had come that one of the guards saw a horde of dark armies marching towards the village. He sounded the alarm. Everyone gathered before the fallen gate, prepared to fight, prepared to defend their very own village.

The dark armies pressed towards the fallen gate, eager to destroy the village, willing to kill anyone who would oppose them and block their way.

The battle between the villagers and the dark armies began -- Sword to sword, power to power --- until only five village warriors, the guardsmen, were left. They created a circle facing towards their enemies, but the horde or the dark armies are uncountable.

The unfearing dark armies ran towards the outnumbered village warriors prepared to end every lives. As the dark armies came meters away from the village warriors, they were wiped out by the exploding ice coming from the center of the circle created by the five village warriors. The power came from the Village Defender himself known in the village as Lestrio, The Defender. The five village warriors thanked that their lives were saved at that very moment.

The Song of Archdraelon
By Eubz

Once in the life of the village people
In the northern part of Lordaeron,
The horde of dark armies came to bring doom
In the life of Archdrealon.

Spears and swords and sheilds and armors,
In the life of Archdrealon,
Once again came to battle for
The people of Archdraelon.

The horde of dark armies broken the gate,
Their numbers were too great,
That any brave army would run afraid
looking for a hiding place.

But all the guardsmen of Archdraelon
With courage and honor they had,
They never surrendered, they fought until death
for the life of Archdraelon.

Untill all life had perished,
untill all guards afew,
Untill all left were five of them,
Untill their death came near.

The horde of demons stood still.
Their numbers were uncountable.
They marched towards the five guardsmen
To take away their souls.

And not so long a savage came
And death swiftly came at last,
But not to the guardsmen who stood so astound,
But to the horde of demons whose bodies exploded,
By the power of snow they were dead.

The defender, the defender
The defender had come.
Archdraelon, the small village, was saved at last
By the greatest defender of all.

GtV (Guard the Village)

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