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Off-Topic This forum is reserved for any mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus, nonesense irrotence or your special interests that doesn't suit any other forum. The general site rules still apply however! Keep it clean!

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Black & White 2.... the heartbeat is driving me insane!

Ugh... ever since i set the graphics to high, a heartbeat has appeared, and every 2 seconds all i hear is a *BumpBump*... and if i fight, it goes *bumpbumpbumpbump* for the rest of the level.... i tried getting rid of it, but you also lose the dialog along with it.... *sigh*

anyone know how to fix this?
Originally Posted by Aarkshark
Oh, that's just great. I get back after years of absence, just to get teabagged. Nice.
Originally Posted by Wolverabid View Post
Please follow aarkshark's example
Thats right.
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iv heard about that, dl the latest patch, i hear teh patch fixes it.
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