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Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2B (7)
Created by Todeszwiebel, teh.fellow, muzzel ; Uploaded by: Zwiebelchen
Uploaded:18:11, 17th Sep 2009
Last Updated:22:50, 30th Sep 2015
Type:Role Playing Game / RPG
Category:Medieval / Warcraft
Map Size:224x32
Playable Map Size:212x16
Suggested Players:1-6
Game: The Frozen Throne
Rating by users:4.94 (125 votes)

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v1.2B(7) is downwards compatible to v1.2A(13).

Note: to import codes of v1.2A(13) or older, use -comp instead of -load!
Only codes of 1.2A(13) are currently supported by the "-comp" command. If you have older codes, load and save them in 1.2A(13) to convert them into the new format!


CHANGELOG (v1.2B (7)):
- Level 42 bears will now cast 'Claw Strike' properly
- Improved Mob repositioning algorithm
- Fixed a couple of bugs with arena battles (alliance states and auto-revival)
- re-added buff art to symbol of fury
- extension package music playback volume slightly reduced
- guardian angel can no longer be cast on enemies
- Dazing trap will now work properly
- Implemented one of the new 1.2C boss battles for balance testing
--> use "-test" chat command to teleport your character to the testing area
--> boss battle will drop no loot or rewards; this is only for playtesting the boss balancing
--> super SPOILERific! Use with discretion and ask players in your session before using this command

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (6)):
- Timers on buffs now get properly initialized (Should fix permanent buff bug; please report if it still happens!)
- Fixed inconsistency on sound file creation (Should fix desyncs on turning in quests; please report if that still happens!)
- Fixed Symbol of Fury sometimes not properly applying
- Fixed a bug with ogre boss battle shield
- Re-enslaving a unit will not make Psionic Resonance buff disappear any longer
- Fixed level 35 Sorcerer cooldown talents
- Level 45 Psion draining timber talent now only applies to the mana drain effect and not the stat gain, as originally intended

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (5)):
- Added support for the newly released extension pack version 1.1
- Added support for new voiceovers to the game (and extension pack)
- Psionic Blade stat bonuses reduced
- Fixed a bug with stat bonuses (or reductions) through talents or abilities stacking on proc attacks
- Fixed a bug with Twisting Metal dealing incorrect damage if used as combat opener
- Redesigned Distracting weapon to deal threat depending on the number of remaining charges
- Fixed a couple of pathing blockers on the Foothills mountain ramp; it should now be easier to cross with pets
- Fixed Dazing Trap
- Fixed mob AI not randomizing targets for certain spells
- Fixed additional delay when casting certain channeled spells
- Individual Town Portals now have a 60 second cooldown
- Fixed Guardian Angel being castable on enemies
- Syncing process at game start is now automaticly disabled for 5 or 6 player games, to avoid massive delay
- Fixed various issues with the Talk scripting, which should hopefully prevent crashes now
- Laros van Garen & his minions are now immune to Enslave
- You will no longer receive level-difference based bonuses when attacking training dummies
- Stashes now have a small sight radius to make them visible in fog of war
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused potions to drop in a bulk
- The anvil in the Lumberjack encampment finished his vacation in a parallel dimension
- Twisting Metal can now target air units
- Psionic Blade now appears properly on first load if the blade was placed in a lower item slot than the weapon
- Fixed Psionic Blade: Crucify
- Psionic Resonance now gets cleansed when an enslaved unit dies
- Respeccing talents will now also reset Psionic Blade charges
- Incinerate will no longer hit friendly targets
- Bladefury can no longer be stolen via Psionic Blade, as it requires an offhand weapon
- Fixed some bugs with the buff system, which will hopefully resolve several issues with persitent buffs
- Psion Levitate attack can now hit air units
- Imbue armor now also reflects absorbed damage
- 20% shield block effect now works properly on Mystics and Hexblades
- Enslave now has a hotkey (B)
- Dispel can now properly target enemy units
- Levitate is now a true modal and can be activated and deactivated regardless of combat state
- Levitation spellcasts will now play the intended animation
- Bosses won't try to reposition themselves if blocked by other mobs anymore to avoid exploitation
- Fixed a bug with players sometimes not leaving combat correctly
- Fixed blood splats of Mystics... no more poison in your veins, folks ;)
- Enemy units will now immediately continue attacking their main target after finishing any spellcasts (instead of attacking randomly)
- Fixed armor value of Ring of the Troll Magi
- Draining timber damage boost increased by 50%
- Mark of the Vampire is now correctly healing Lady Varimetraz
- "Dust to Dust" ability removed from the Blazing Flame (as it bugged up the AI and was made redundant after resistance changes)
- Fixed starting mana of Blazing Flame manifestations
- Crawlings Plague spawns on Gargoyle will no longer spawn inside the mountain walls or in the valley
- Placed two additional Mountain Ursas in the Mountain area to make farming them a bit easier
- Added a new toggle option: Enable/Disable auto engagement of the hero
- Moved the missile spawning point of levitate attacks a bit higher
- Corrected damage on Twisting Metal tooltip
- Changed Mind Lash to always jump to the closest nearby valid target, instead of a random target
- Reduced Mana cost of "Bursting Touch" to 5
- Enslave will now by default allow enslavement of same level creatures
- New Psion level 50 talent: 'Imbue Armor' effect extended to nearby allies aswell

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (4)):
- *hotfix* Added new voice acting files
- *hotfix* wrong ability mapping for Psionic Blade fixed
- *hotfix* dungeon units can not longer be enslaved
- Again, fixed a bug that let the Mystic go invulnerable after completing the class change quest (this time for real)
- Buffs and debuffs now get properly removed on death
- Mytargas gate now is properly shown as opened
- Fixed a couple of bugs with the Mystic class change dungeon patrols
- Fixed hotkeys in Psionic Blade stolen ability tooltips
- Bard Songs can no longer be stolen by Psionic Blade (due to lack of instrument)
- Quest rewards will now properly vanish if not picked up and show their item model properly

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (3)):
- *hotfix* Fixed a bug that rendered a Mystic sometimes invulnerable after class change quest
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to desynchronize when some players used the extension package
- Fixed a bug that allowed mystics to advance beyond level 25
- Fixed a camera pan globally applying to all players on mystic class change quest
- Jolting Strikes now only immobilizes on first hit; immobilize duration reduced to 3 seconds (1.5 seconds on bosses)
- Twisting Metal stun now only lasts 1.5 seconds on bosses (similar to how backstab works)
- Dying during the Mystic class change quest will no longer cause a gold penalty
- Levitate will now last for 3 additional seconds when combat ends, to allow re-engaging enemies before the effect ends
- Levitate evasion bonus reduced to 30%
- Swapped 'Blurred Motions' and 'Stealth' Hotkeys to fix hotkey localization issue

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (2)):
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to desync if one player had the extension module installed and another had not

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (1)):
- Implemented support for Extension Package: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/gaias-retaliation-orpg-649/gaias-retaliation-extension-package-v1-0-a-269348/
- New basic character class: Mystic
- All relativistic stats (Crit chance, crit damage, spell crit damage and evasion) will now be affected by the level difference between the combatants
--> Level ups will no longer weaken the character, as the formulaes in stat tooltips now only apply to same-level enemies.
- Fixed a bug that caused 3rd person camera to jerk when rotating the view too long
- Bard Songs will now properly vanish if the Bard unequips his instrument
- Fixed monk level 50 anti-crit talent not working on normal attacks
- Reduced damage and health of Crawling Plague spawns of the Gargoyle
- Fixed a bug with cooldown reducing talents on Berserker and Crusader not functioning properly
- Fixed a bug that caused crafted and quest items not to show the proper item model when dropped on the ground from the bag
- Creep reset will now also cleanse any buff or debuff from the resetting creep
- 'Blurred Motions' will now instantly clean all debuffs from the caster (including stun effects), however, will not reduce threat any longer (to remove redundancy with 'Into the Shades')
- 'Stone Skin' will now also remove all immobilizing effects from the caster
- 'Ensnare' will no longer prevent enemy units from casting spells or cancel spellcasting
- Changed the icon of all passive abilities to non-borderized icons
- Changed two buildings in Mytargas to new designs to save map space
- Fixed a bug that caused Coup De Grace critical bonus not to work under certain conditions
- Town Portal scrolls have been removed from the game; instead, characters can now teleport directly via the hero command card

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (13)):
- Gold income from killing is now divided by the number of players (and mercs) in range; however, you will now always gain at least 1 gold
- Fixed a bug with blurred motions causing the game to crash
- Fixed a bug with the soldiers of Mytargas escort quest not following correctly on first attempt
- fixed head attachment point of rangers
- Fixed a typo in Linen Hood Recipe
- Fixed a bug with Flaming Arrow +duration Talent
- Fixed Eternal Strings attack speed bonus
- Gravestones can now be selected via the idle-worker button
- Fixed a typo in Cold Death recipe
- Fixed 'Stone Skin' cooldown talent
- Fixed a bug that caused some talents not to reset properly when unlearning talents
- chance to drop outdoor scrolls on low level bosses increased
- chance to drop dungeon scrolls on D1 bosses increased
- chance to drop Ogre boss scrolls increased
- shifted weights on Ogre boss treasure drops more towards items (instead of demon heart)
- adjusted a lot of drop weights for rare, common and boss materials to make lowlevel crafting easier
- completing the first kill quest now rewards a white armor
- corrected some faulty stats on the hero selector units
- Fixed a bug with the Dispel Magic AoE-talent
- Fixed a rounding error that caused mercenaries to slowly lose HP when repeatedly equipping items

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (12)):
- Fixed a bug with water globes
- Reduced mana gain per level of all classes by 20%
- Rebalanced of health and mana scores of all classes

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (11)):
- The disappeared anvil in lumberjack camp finished its travel through space and time
- Fixed a bug that made items of same level as character not load properly in hero inventory
- Rebalanced stat gains for Ranger, Berserker, Sorcerer, Necromancer and Monk
- Base attack speed of Assassin, Bard and Monk increased by 33%
- Fixed a bug with the tier 4 druid talent not applying the correct mana bonus to the spirit
- Water Elemental is no longer affected by Magician tier 4 talent
- Fixed haste of spirits
- Fixed two bugs with Hunter talents for attack speed and ArP not applying correctly
- 'Beast Fury' can now be used on mechanical units
- Fixed a bug with Assassin stealth movement speed talent
- Fixed incorrect vendor value of "Sparkling jewel"
- Fixed a bug with certain talents modifying abilities not applying when relearning the ability
- Fixed a tooltip inconsistency with level 25 squire talents
- By popular demand: changed attack and stop icon back to its default icons
- Removed the command card from backpacks, as it is no longer used

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (10)):

- Fixed a bug with the talent reset dialog
- Fixed a bug with the threat system that caused creeps to follow units endlessly on certain conditions
- Talent Archive now also shows the description of not selected talents on the viewed tier (greyed out)
- Fixed a bug with 8th tier cooldown talent on Berserker applying extra mana
- Fixed a bug with 7th tier crit talent on Berserker not working
- Fixed some typos in talent descriptions
- Fixed several bugs with pet stats not applying values correctly
- Changed tier 8 Sorcerer Talent (Lightning Charge now always hits an additional enemy for 50% damage)

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (9)):

- As new variables have been asigned to the Save/load, codes from 1.2A(8) version MUST be imported to 1.2A(9) by using the -comp command instead of -load
- 1.2A(9) is not compatible to the beta releases of 1.2A(9). Loading from beta releases might result in invalid codes. Please import only codes from 1.2A(8)!
- Talents now accessable from the hero command card
- changed the way talents work to a select-one-of-three choices instead of talent lines
- a new talent point will now be granted every 5 levels starting with level 10
- added "talent archive" to view learned talents
- featuring several house redesigns from SonofJay in the starting area (more to come in the next releases!)
- Changed the visual appearance of all armors; instead of attachment models, all characters will now change their skin depending on the armor equipped; the current selection of skins is still very limited, but will be vastly extended over the next releases (skins made by Daenar7)
- Outfitter NPC added to all major quest hubs; allows to change hair color and to switch helmet sfx on and off
- Fixed the camera messing up when repicking while 3rd person camera is active
- Fixed a bug causing the backstab ability to disappear with bladedancer level 3
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from picking up 'Healing Salve' and 'HUnter's Net'
- Fixed tooltip errors of many items
- Changed behaviour of enemies to attack the pet first when the "attack" command is used on a group of enemies
- Pet damage reduction rules changed: If a pet or minion is first in threat, it will now take normal damage from deadly boss spells
- Multishot AoE buffer range slightly increased to allow it to hit larger enemies at maximum spell range
- Collapsed Golems will now spawn with a small random displacement, to make them easier to target
- Fixed a bug with Tenets of Guidance level 3, subtracting wrong amounts of Mana on casts
- Fixed a bug with the 'Mind Twist' ability from Mind Breaker staff
- All non-trivial heals (those that display green numbers) can now have a critical effect based on your crit chance
- Critical heals are affected by spell critical damage score with a base value of 150%
- Attack speed awarded from agility is now calculated in the same way as spell haste (but can not be negative)
- Str, Agi, Int, Constitution and Wisdom skills have been replaced by new skills
- Potions are now no longer affected by skills; healing potions now heal a larger amount of hitpoints
- Due to the changes to skills, heroes now gain additional life and mana as they level up
- Imported music has been removed, as I felt the compression was too high and audio fragments destroyed the feeling the music was trying to deliver ... I will probably upload a custom MPQ with a complete new soundtrack for Gaias in the future
- Dice rolling, Pet behvaiour, music and quickbar toggle, such as the PvP command are now accessable through the hero command card
- Automatic respawning now requires a confirmation for revival
- Greatly reduced spell cost for advanced class spells to make respecc less punishing
- Detonating Bones will now only deal 50% damage to skeletons instead of destroying them; duration of debuff reduced, cooldown increased
- Blood Magic Level 4 talent of Necromancer changed
- Changed Parry to block 15% of attacks by 50% of damage instead of 10% of attacks for 150 damage
- Increased level gains for STR, AGI, INT scores by 50% to compensate the overall reduction of power through the changes to the skill system
- Base scores have been affected by this aswell and should combat progressing power creep occuring at max levels
- A mercenaries' guild executive now also resides in the Lumberjack Encampment
- deaths below level 10 no longer cause gold loss
- added several training dummies to the military plaza in Mytargas
- Halved stat gain for crit, crit damage, spell crit damage and evasion from main stats
- Changed calculation formula for spell casting time from spell haste: 100% haste = half casting time. 200% haste = 1/3 casting time, etc.
- Due to the removal of the skill system, the 'Shadow Seal' quest has been removed from the game; The Shade does no longer drop the Shadow Seal
- Shadow Seal quest replaced with a new level 24 quest; characters that have the shadow seal quest completed will also have this quest marked as completed
- Ranger pets now no longer change their appearance. Instead, the appearance can now be selected at level 25

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (8)):

- Fixed Gargoyle Tornado AoE damage, reduced Gargoyle standard attack damage
- Tornados will now lock on the closest unit around the Gargoyle when summoned
- Using the rune hammer on the gargoyle statue will now have a slight cooldown (to prevent double-spawning)
- Killing Laros van Garen will only complete the tattered document quest for nearby players
- Hill Giant now properly drops the druid bow "Heritage of the Nymph"
- Fixed a bug where the Gargoyle had no steal table in ground form
- Fixed "Broadsword of Parrying" item model
- Fixed incorrect tooltip for "Woodcutter's hatchet"
- Fixed "Horn of Insight" aura
- Fixed attachment model of "Snowdrift"
- Fixed stats of "Seal of Defensive Chants"
- Fixed stats of "Rigid Hide"
- Crippling Curse can now be cast on mechanical units
- Fixed various tooltip typos
- Fixed stats of "Prayer Beads"
- Fixed stats of "Vestment of Wilderness"
- Fixed a bug with the talent system causing incorrect ability behaviour for many instant cast abilities
- shaman merc will now correctly use nature's blessing when the life of a friendly target falls below 35%
- Fixed a bug that made the servant of nature disappear after reaching a certain sum of stats
- Fixed wrong tooltip for celestial zeal
- Curse of the Vampire will now be displayed in the status monitor
- Fixed a bug with haste rating modifiers for on minions
- Issueing attack orders to pets now renders the caster in-combat
- Minions and Mercenaries will not try to evade lethal AoE effects anymore
- Instead, minions and mercenaries will now be immune to the damage component of such spells (stuns and other effects will still be applied)
- Fixed a bug with the missile system
- Collision check with all player controlled units disabled; enemies are now able to walk through heroes regardless of available pathing
- Collision size of almost all units increased; this should improve pathing and prevent getting knocked out of the pathable terrain
- Implemented a new internal item registry
- Implemented a new internal spell registry
- Mind Focus casts of 'Heal' now have reduced animation duration
- Items now display the actual attachment model when dropped on the ground
- Cooldown reset talents will not affect items anymore*

*if an item cooldown is active when the cooldown reset is triggered, the cooldown clock art on this particular item will be restarted. However, the remaining cooldown time is unchanged, so this is just a graphical issue and does not affect gameplay.

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (7)):

- Seal of defensive chants is now a blue item as intended
- Coated arrows now grant the correct stats
- Chain of the Beast now grants the correct stats
- Serpent Staff now also grants 35HP
- Added the missing misc items to boss droptables
- Fixed battle and victory theme sometimes not playing correctly

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (6)):

- Gargoyle Tornados now move around properly
- Fixed a bug that Tattered Document did not properly drop
- Fixed a bug with water elemental sometimes displaying bugged buffs in status monitor
- Fixed a tooltip typo for Lizardscale Armor and Shroud of the Faithful
- Doubled Heal value for Gazrow Steamwrench
- roll command now displays all text written after roll aswell

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (5)):

- Fixed a bug preventing the boar quest net and healing salve from being picked up
- Fixed a bug with spellweave robes granting 10AP instead of 10armor
- Fixed sfx of Pure Sapphire and Meteor Fragment
- Fixed a bug with Frost Bomb sfx sometimes not disappearing correctly
- Fixed AP of merciless bludgeon
- Fixed Berserker Talent Fury Level 4 sometimes not hitting a third target
- Attack damage of Gazrow Steamwrench, Gargoyle and Crawling Plague increased
- Armor of Gargoyle (Stone Form) and Gazrow Steamwrench increased
- Life of Gazrow Steamwrench and Gargoyle increased

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (4)):

- Increased range of Gazrow Steamwrench Flamethrower to make it harder to outrange it
- Fixed a typo for tooltip of Broadsword of Parrying
- 'Harpune' ability renamed to 'Harpoon'
- Greatly reduced 'Boulder' AoE range and decreased damage dealt by 20%
- All Shields now also block 20% of all frontal physical damage (applied before armor rating rules)
- Fixed Agi on Bracers of the Spiderling
- Fixed a major leak with the stat multiboard

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (3)):


- Chestguard of the Gladiator and Viking Armor now have the proper model displayed
- save command will now provide the savecode without lines inbetween, as longer codes exceed the Warcraft III chat length limit
- load command accepts both codes with and without lines inbetween
- Fixed a bug that caused Talent and Skill reset dialogs to not work properly
- Fixed a bug with Hill Giant not dropping any items
- Changed AI behaviour of pets at Gazrow Steamwrench encounter
- Changed AI behaviour of pets when fighting kobolds
- Kobold pathing size reduced to 8 to allow AI to perform better
- Blessed Bandana and Reinforced Plate now apply the correct stats
- Pathing at Bridge near Casimir improved
- Pathing at several critical places throughout the mountains improved to make it harder to get stuck in walls
- Incinerate can now be used on mechanical enemies
- Fixed Buff monitor icon of Fire Shield

CHANGELOG (v1.2A (2)):

- Explore a whole new area located at the south-eastern part of the map
- Hundreds of new items, dozens of quests and new boss challenges
- You can now display secondary stats by clicking on the minimize button on the threatmeter controls
- Implementation of Status effects Monitor: several buffs and debuffs will now be displayed along with a timer below the threat meter


- Use -comp instead of load to import codes of older versions into v1.2A
- Changed the skin of Ranger and Cleric heroes
- Some quests in the fjords and farmland area will now have item rewards
- Dying through PvP will not cause a gold penalty anymore
- Fixed a bug with Leadership level 2 actually reducing the threat generated of crucify instead of increasing it
- Removed annoying sound from venomous blade proccs
- Fixed a bug with music not playing correctly in certain situations
- Fixed threat generation of "Demoralizing Shout"
- Fixed a typo in stat tooltip
- Reworked several quest texts and dialogues (Special Thanks to Vestra for this amazing job!)
- Fixed respawn timer bar not displaying the correct time
- Added a custom skin for ranger and cleric classes

- Emergency multiplier increased to x5
- Ashes to Ashes of The Blazing Flame now got voice feedback
- Removed armor of "The Spirit of Magic"
- Complete remastering of creep placement in low and mid level areas
- Two new creep types on level 7 and 23
- Balancing adjustments made on several creeps in low and mid level areas in level and challenge
- Reduced AP multiplier on npc ability "bash" from x3.5 to x2.5
- "Magic Arrow" now drains Level x 1.5 mana per target and replenishes Level x 0.15 mana per target drained
- Deaths in class change challenges now don't cause loss of gold anymore
- Quests now have a minimum level requirement of quest level minus 5
- quest loot items now only drop if a player is within range that needs it
- PVP mode reset timer reduced to 60 seconds without player interaction
- "Stone Skin" now has a 60 second cooldown (down from 90 seconds)
- "Endurance" talent level 3 reduces cooldown of "Stone Skin" by 20 seconds instead of 50%
- "Ressurection" now has a hotkey (B)
- "Guardian Angel" cooldown reduced to 120s (from 180s)
- Instant cast Soul Strikes caused by 'Mind Focus' will now resume the attack timer earlier
- Increased 'Cold Death' AP bonus by 3
- Increased 'Heartseeker' Agi bonus by 2
- Cost of all vendor spells in Mytargas decreased to 3500 gold
- No more MCs required for Mytargas northern vendor spells
- Head of Vampiress crit bonus reduced to +4%
- Nymphs, Efreets and Skeleton Mages now have their own spellpower instead of a direct link to the owner's spellpower; this allows minion spellpower to be modified by buffs and debuffs
- Spellpower of Nymphs and Efreets: half of owner's spellpower
- Spellpower of Skeleton Mages: one third of owner's spellpower
- Lunar mantle now also grants 5% to all resistances
- Eternal Embrace, Lunar Mantle and Light Imbued Glyph degraded to blue item category; stats remain unchanged
- Price for Eternal Embrace, Lunar Mantle, Mind Breaker, Eternal Strings and Light Imbued Glyph reduced

CHANGELOG (v1.1n(2)):

- Fixed missile art of Sarash
- Fixed a bug with wrong fog settings sometimes displaying snow terrain fog in non-snow terrains
- Fixed a bug with player 6 not having fog effects properly updated
- Changed something about the spellcasting progress bar - hope this fixed the issues with bugged bars
- Fixed users identifier for "Horn of the Sentinel" - NOTE: this might cause 1.1n specific skill scrolls in the backpack to be changed
- Added a pet AoE indicator to Debris spell of Sarash to allow pets to evade the spell
- Added some more pathing blockers at ogre cave entrance to allow for cleaner pet spawning

- Reduced chance to score a critical hit for Gar'Tok to zero, to decrease luck factor on axe throw for low-health characters
- Gar'Tok doesn't use axe throw while in invulnerable state anymore
- 'Body and Mind' now has an 8%/11% chance to procc on attacks (instead of 5%/8%)

CHANGELOG (v1.1n):

- changed the look of the spellcast bar from texttags to an actual interface model
- Fixed a bug with Rejuvenation potions not triggering a cooldown
- Fixed a bug with the Rock Golem and The Protector not using some of their skills
- Fixed a bug that allowed hiring more mercenaries than allowed
- Fixed a bug that sometimes displayed the pet control buttons on new heroes after repicking
- Fixed a bug with Ensnare tooltip displaying the wrong duration
- Fixed a bug that caused the stash to be moved into the arena when agreeing to a team PVP battle
- Added icons to the stat skills
- Fixed a bug that prevented certain attack procs from triggering
- Reduced size of Pack Leader aura sfx
- Fixed tooltips of Frost Cage (the duration was always 20 seconds, not 25 seconds as mentioned in the tooltip)
- Fixed a bug with 'Elemental Magic' Level 2 Talent not having increased duration for Frost Cage
- Fixed a bug that removed attachment models when dropping equipment items from the personal stash
- Fixed a bug that allowed the bag to gain levels by killing player summons
- Fixed 'Pathfinding' Level 2 Talent creating a second ensnare skill
- Doppelgangers now get properly added to the Shades camp group upon creation
- Changed sfx art of Magic Arrow ability
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from attacking freezed allies when wielding procc type weapons
- Fixed a bug with demoralizing shout reducing damage by 15% instead of 10%

- Added a new world boss encounter at the ogre ruins
- Hero resistances are now capped at 75% - this does not mean that certain units or npcs can not have higher resistances!
- Changed Berserker Valor (4) Talent to double the manapool instead of reducing the spell cost [to avoid issues with mutual exclusive talents]
- Plane Shift now also renders the caster invulnerable for 3 seconds
- Changed the calculation formulaes for almost all secondary stats (check the tooltip for more info)
- Added spell critical damage modifier to INT stat
- Added spell haste modifier to AGI stat
- Removed ArP component from 'wristguards of the grove'
- Reduced level requirement of Shade drops down to level 28
- Ashes to Ashes now deals 75% less damage to mercenaries and minions
- Slightly adjusted levels for ogres and D3-creeps and D3-bosses
- Increased life of Lord Andrazzar
- Reduced time between last wave and Lieutenant spawn

CHANGELOG (v1.1M (3)):

- Fixed a serious bug with Lightning Charge

CHANGELOG (v1.1M (2)):

- Mercenaries will now be dismissed when entering class change challenges, performing class changes or repick heroes
- Mercenaries and pets will no longer stop actions to heal when the 'retreat' order is issued
- Fixed a bug with 'Body and Mind' ability causing desyncs
- Fixed a terrain leak in the north of the farmland forest
- Headhunter mercenary will now cast 'Venomous Blade' less frequently
- Fixed a bug with Song spells
- Fixed a bug where stashes got removed from the game when a player died
- Fixed a bug with hp awarding talents
- Guardian Angel can not only be cast on allies
- Fixed a bug that caused bosses to stand idle after casting a spell
- Healing Salve now displays HP gain in green numbers
- 'Dismiss Mercenary' is now at a different position in the hero command card to avoid accidental clicking
- Fixed a bug with lightning charge not having the increased critical range
- Changed appearance of lightning effect when a thunderstorm is active
- Lord Andrazzar, The Shade and The Ancient One spawns will now properly despawn upon killing
- Fixed Lorekeeper level 5 Talent

- Rebalanced mercenaries
- Reduced level of 'The Ancient One'
- More spiders have been placed in the northern farmland forest
- Increased manacost of 'Remedy' by 2, decreased spellpower factor by 1
- XP is now properly capped at level 25 before changing classes
- gold income when killing monsters is reduced by 50% when a mercenary is active


- Switched to Nestharius' Awesome BIGINT library for saving and loading to allow MUCH LARGER savecodes
- Save commands have been changed, as the -savehd command seems to be much more popular, it is now -save, whereas the old save (display string) is now -saveold
- Rescaled almost all humanoid units and npcs to match the environment more than before
- Fixed cam modes have been altered to improve vision
- Free cam angle of attack now changes by a small amount if a high mountain is blocking the sight
- added a system that should greatly improve fps
- added a wall on the corner above the Shade encounter to disallow a ranger shooting at the shade from the other side to its spawn position
- Fixed a bug where picking up an unsaved stackable material will render a saved stack unsaved
- Fixed a bug that prevented other players from loading characters after one player exceeded the 3-load limit per game
- Fixed a bug that sometimes perma-stunned units when hit by the "shockwave" spell (i.e. Lieautenant encounter in D3)
- Fixed a bug that allowed Sergeant Gaspode to be duplicated
- Fixed Divine Fist tooltip appearing green instead of red
- Fixed Divine Fist sometimes remaining on friendly units permanently
- Fixed the duration of water globe soaked debuff
- Fixed a bug with the Coup De Grace ability not having a higher chance to score a critical hit
- Fixed the spawning of Sergeant Deakan encounter
- Pets will no longer retaliate when pet or master are attacked by friendly units
- Fixed a bug where the Nymph sometimes tried to 'heal' dead allies, thus doing nothing in combat
- Removed Divine Resistance and damage (Merged divine and magic damage into the magic damage/resistance type as I felt those two types had too much in common)
- Combat texts are now true local code to make it less likely to reach the 100 tag limit in the game in large battles
- Implemented a new, faster algorythm for adjusting HP and MP on units
- Fixed a minor bug that made picked up potions leave a small yellow dot on the ground
- Fixed a bug that allowed loading a hero before the game actually started

- All enemies will now reset their cooldowns when retreating/leaving combat (This fix was sponsored by: The Blazing Flame Corp.)
- Added a new item stat: spellhaste, a %-modifier reducing the casting/channeling time of spells (channeling spells will have a shorter interval of ticks) - down to a minimum of 0.5 seconds
- all spells that had a cooldown equal to its casting time now have a cooldown of 0.5 seconds to allow for consecutive casting with spell haste
- Layla Silverfish at the market square of Mytargas now sells access to a Personal Stash, which allows to store and save up to 12 more items
- Units can now have negative resistances.
- The CON stat now grants an increasing number of HP per skill level
- The WIS stat now grants only 12 MP per level but also an additional 2% to all resistances per level
- Magic resistances of almost all pets have been reduced a little
- Pets will not take 66% reduced damage from Boss-AOE effects anymore (however, resistance rules still apply normally)
- Pets will now intelligently try to avoid certain Boss-AOE effects to improve their use in battle
- Nymph AI script altered so that Nymphs will only cast 'Cure' on targets with less than 90% health to save mana.
- XP-drop per level difference to the killed unit has been changed from 100%/80%/60%/40%/20%/0% to 100%/86%/71%/57%/43%/0%.
- XP-curve when killing units has been altered drastically: at the first levels, the change will hardly be noticable but leveling will take much longer on higher levels (8 times slower on level 30)
- outdoor and dungeon bosses such as dungeon mobs now grant more xp than ordinary mobs
- All base classes are now xp-capped at level 25 until class change has been completed
- Quests now have a quest level displayed in front of the quest name - Quests will now only reward XP for heroes up to 5 levels higher than the quest level
- added three new potions to the game: Mana potion (+250), Health potion (+350) and Rejuvenation potion (+250/+350, shared cooldown with Mana potion)
- Unit Level of all bosses in dungeon 3, as well as The Shade and Doppelgangers reduced
- Thaumaturgists Robe fire resistance reduced to 20%
- Added Saphires, Rubies and Emeralds to the droptables of several trashmobs in the farmland area
- Increased chance to find Saphires in Dungeon 2, to allow crafting of items at the level the items are intended for
- Increased chance to find Searing Blood at Dungeon 2 bosses
- Increased chance to find Demon Heart at Dungeon 3 bosses
- Increased chance to find the Shadow Seal at The Shade encounter
- Mana Crystal resource cap increased to 300, to make room for upcoming 1.2 content
- Mana Crystals are now displayed with a proper icon in tooltips
- Food resource replaced by Quest Tokens, which will be part of the upcoming 1.2 content
- one new advanced class ability per class available at The Seer's place
- Talent system implemented; starting with level 30, heroes will get 1 talent point every 4 levels (available for bag command card)
- Gaias Retaliation Part 1 now doesn't grant XP anymore as the xp is level capped before class change anyway; Instead, Gaias Retaliation Part 2 grants additional 1500 XP.
- Mercenary system implemented; if there are less than 5 players in the game, players are allowed to hire mercenaries in Mytargas and Riversdale depending on the number of 'missing' players.

- Lightning Charge now has an improved critical damage modifier of 200% instead of 150%
- Bladefury now ignores armor of the target when used from behind the target
- Steal now has a new requirement: the target must now have lost at least 50% of its max HP
- Steal can now be used during combat; it does no longer require to be stealthed and behind the target to be used
- Feline Reflexes now grants 50% spellhaste in addition to the movement and attack speed bonus. Feline reflexes now also doesn't cancel previous orders anymore when used
- Inspire now consumes 20 Mana and has a cooldown of 160 seconds
- Song spells now have no more cooldown
- Song spells now remain active on the target permanently until the target leaves visibility range from the caster
- Changed Mana cost of 'Berserker Rage' to 10 and 'Heaven's Edge' to 5
- Fire Shield damage increased to x0.2
- 'Soaked' now reduces lightning resistance by 20% instead of increasing lightning damage directly
- 'Eagles Eye', 'Deadly Precision' and 'Energy Drain' passive abilities removed from the game
- 'Divine Protection' is now a Bishop only spell
- 'Demoralizing Shout' is now a Berserker only spell
- Increased max Mana for Nymph summons
- Switched hotkeys for 'Barbed Arrow' and 'Feline reflexes' to avoid hotkey issues with localized game versions

If you experience crashes during the loading process, try set your Texture Quality setting to high. That should fix the problem. I also recommend setting Light Quality to high, or you might encounter graphic bugs inside dungeons.

Years have passed since the poison of Gaia sprung forth from the lands. Corrupted forests, inhospitable to all, have spread across the face of Kurodan, and borders have faded as all fled before the encroachment of the toxic spores. Ankhmaron, the last haven protected by the Grand River, has sent out messengers to gather volunteers for the task of finding a cure to the plague.
In a tavern close to the village Riversdale, a small group of adventurers have gathered, unknowing, that their search will turn out not to be just a race against time ...

Shapy: Terraining
muzzel: Jass
teh.fellow aka Playmo: Terraining, project leading
Zwiebelchen aka Todeszwiebel: Jass, object data, terraining, project leading


Check out our official forums at:

Download the official Gaias Retaliation Extension package at:

Fjords of Ankhmaron( starting area)



Trade route area

Farmland area

The Capital City

Mytargas Port Quarters

The Class Change Mini-Dungeons

Sewers of Mytargas

I know that I didn't add everyone to the Credits I used resources from. I lost track on all the things I imported into the map. If you made something I didn't give credit to, send me a PM please and the name of the resource.
Moderator Comments (Director's Cut - Highly Recommended)
19:48, 28th Feb 2011
ap0calypse: Director's Cut!

All 3 (current) map moderators agreed on this one.
It's a unique, high-quality map which certainly deserves a high rating.

This map is approved and works properly.

Download GaiasORPG_v1_2B(7).w3x
(7.54 MB, 118059 Downloads)

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Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)
Sad ... 44 downloads and not a single feedback.

EDIT: Funny to read this again after over 100.000 downloads and almost 500.000 hits ...

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Just finished fooling around with it. This is a solid map - the terrain is great, the systems are smoothly implemented, and it does everything well, so far. It falls into many of the standard ORPG traps, i.e. standard classes and boring abilities, but the quality of the rest of it makes up for that.

I'd love to see more, since there's only a bit of terrain at the moment :) 5/5
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Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)
Hmm, I agree that the actual classes and abilities are nothing special, but well, you can't expect some BAM style spells on the first levels ... ^^

But since there will be an "evolving" system, I think we can add some more spice later.
I will, btw, release an updated version today, fixing almost all of the current bugs and implementing some new features (armor point based instead of % based, resistances, new item stats, etc.)
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I like a lot about this! Excellent environment and game mechanics.
I dislike not having a backpack or some way to carry items that aren't equipped.
XP seems a bit slow, although quests are pretty nice.

Bug found: Giant Crab was found invulnerable after our party died to him. Later found many invulnerable creatures.
Also tavern owner won't allow us to complete the bandit sealed message

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Domasi has little to show at this moment (20)Domasi has little to show at this moment (20)Domasi has little to show at this moment (20)
Oh my God the terrain... O.o ...It's almost perfect, but why so few playable ground ? You sure need to expand it much more. Keep updating it and this will be a fantastic map. Thanks :)
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Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)

- new stat system (armor is now point based, not percentage based; new item stats like crit or resistances implemented)
- new magician model
- caster classes will now also have attachment models (however, for now, it's just special shoulder pads. Next version will also include animated cloaks and capes)
- fixed a lot of bugs, optimized source code
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Hey i could help with some of the english text things if u need any helpers?
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this map seems good from those screenshots lol
The Original Pimp My Peon v1.0 AI
Use these BB Codes to help you make a nice description.
"Left the Hive"
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I had a bug , respawned in the middle of the map
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Registered User Gwy
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Gwy has little to show at this moment (10)Gwy has little to show at this moment (10)
I played it on weekend...
nice terrain, nice gameplay, we had much fun.
but some bugs,
especially the done quests can be accepted twice in a weird way...

and 1-2 more classes would be fine
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Registered User delyte
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amm this map looks small.. only 2 grounds? lol... its smaler than alpha
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Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)Zwiebelchen has much of which to be proud (1043)
Originally Posted by delyte View Post
amm this map looks small.. only 2 grounds? lol... its smaler than alpha
Yeah I know there is few content yet. However, the existing content easily lasts for up to 2 hours. It's just that the map is HUGE (480x480), so it looks small ...

Originally Posted by Triptrippen View Post
I had a bug , respawned in the middle of the map
Yes, I know about that. I am currently trying to fix this, though it's a very annoying bug that I simply can't figure out -_-'

Originally Posted by Gwy View Post
I played it on weekend...
nice terrain, nice gameplay, we had much fun.
but some bugs,
especially the done quests can be accepted twice in a weird way...

and 1-2 more classes would be fine
Could you be more precise please? What exactly happened? Did you repick between doing the quests? The quests are stored to the actual hero, not the player. If you repick and select a new hero, you can do all the quests again, of course.
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That blacksmith tells me to buy anything I want, but how do I buy stuff?
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Domasi has little to show at this moment (20)Domasi has little to show at this moment (20)Domasi has little to show at this moment (20)
The Blacksmith doesn't sell stuff, the weapon/armor RACKS are -_-' ...
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