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Archive If you want to know more about items, abilities, where to find rate treasures, and more about creeps; this is the place to look.
Don't forget to check awesome screenshots as well.

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Changelog: View More

Version: 0.9.x.x
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed game crushing when pet kill unit and hero is dead.
  • Fixed bug when your hero die and inventory stay open, it will close now.
  • Fixed unit regeneration script.

  • Area Transition System will now properly display text on screen when you enter specific area.
  • Save/Load System
    -save (Save progress data using player name as key).
    -load (Load progress data using player name as key).
    -flush (Clean Saved progress data).

    -Save/Load handle:
    Hero and Pet stats, attributes, custom attributes, experience, abilities and skill points.
    Gold, Skill Points.
    Time of the Day.
    Main Quest progress data (even quest items)
  • Custom Inventory Requirements
    (Swords require Blade attribute to be equipped for example)
    5 levels of requirement:
    -0 Novice
    -25 Apprentice
    -50 Journeyman
    -75 Expert
    -100 Master
  • Cinematics are removed from the game.
    All quest log data is handled with dialogs.

  • New Area (5/10)
    This means we shaped 50% of playable map so far.
    - Waterwille Village (Neutral)
    - Ancient Forest (Hostile)
    - Lands Between (Hostile)
    - Swamps (Hostile)
    - Elvish Ruins (Hostile) (New)
    - Imperial City Grounds (Hostile)
  • Druid Guild 4 chambers
  • Hunters Guild 3 chambers

  • Main quest 3 is now completed and aviable
    (you can now interact with Trioh)


Fixed bugs
  • Fixed Respawn bug when you die in building and camera stay there
  • Fixed camera in Tom Watson's House Basement, when you can't click on it because of spider
  • Fixed pet drop items
  • Fixed bug when you resurrect pet corpse
  • Fixed bug with Heal Pet item stay in hero inventory
  • Displayed Firebolt hotkey F
  • Fixed Healing Spell and Interract spell hotkeys.
  • Fixed camera and circle in Tom Watson's House Basement.
  • Fixed bug with Heal Pet item stay in hero inventory.
  • Fixed a major bug with teleporting to the border of the map.
  • Fixed owls movement in quest "Guardian of the Night".
  • Fixed the item "Arcane Tallisman".

Changes and optimization
  • Reduced the size of region near Ghan in quest "Urgent Message".
  • Reduced the size of region in quest "Lost Cargo".

  • Removed Hero Stat System and whole interface.
  • Created a multiboard to show hero and pet stats.
  • Shadow Essence is now removed as resource.
  • Lumber is now Skill Point, resource used to increase custom attributes.
  • Custom Attributes increase stats a little.
  • Custom Attributes are now Items requirements.
  • Removed Custom Camera System.
  • Camera can now be locked to hero unit (ESC key).
  • Camera can be zoomed in/out.
  • Camera can be rotated around hero.
  • You have full control over Pet now.

  • Disabled Dark Seer and Frozen Wolf
  • Converted Pets into heroes
  • Each pet has 60 levels just like hero
  • Each pet has level able abilities
  • Pet won't wonder around hero anymore.
  • Pet won't be forced to attack enemy units.
  • Pet will fallow hero if distance between them become greater than 500.

Version: -
  • Fixed Respawn bug when you die as range and respawn as melee hero.
  • Fixed pathing ground errors.
  • Added few more buildings.
  • Added few more locations to enter (Caves, houses...)..
  • New Quest: There is someone in my house.
  • New Ability System.
    - 3 Abilities to use: Heal, Fire Ball, Lightning Strike.
    - Hero can equip up to 4 abilities.
    - Hero can now make any combination of equipped abilities.
    - Abilities have classes (Common, Uncommon...).
  • New Loading Screen and new Theme Design.
  • Optimized camera systems, and fixed errors related to building in/out systems.
  • Fixed food items bug.
  • Hero Pick system is edited a little as well.
    - Pet display with more info and icon.
  • Removed part of intro cinematic that is outdated now.
  • Fixed some errors in book system
  • Fixed gold/shadow sfx bug

Version: -
  • Picked gold/shadow is collected instantly.
  • Fixed ability ID bug in Talent Tree.
  • Talent Tree now allow you to remove any ability you want, instead last learned.
  • Fixed some bugs with Talent Tree related to SFX.
  • Optimized Talent Tree System, removed useless calculations and variables.
  • Reworked ability tooltips.
  • Fixed bug with same quest descriptions.
  • Added Ping Minimap System to help you guys solve quests easier. Thanks to mag once again.
  • Imported over 250 new doodads especially prepared for terrain decorations.
  • Removed FREE camera
  • Added building handle system (for now 2 buildings you can enter)
  • Recreated main 2 quests
  • Recreated map intro
  • New Cinematic System (main quests are now fully covered with cinematic)
  • Cinematic can be skiped with ESC key anytime
  • New improved terrain
  • Main story is much more revealed now.
Version: -
  • Creeps
    - Have increased hp
    - New stats (critical etc)
  • Hero Pick System
    - Recreated whole system
    - 10 New classes instead of 5 old
    - Removed Specializations and Birth Signs
  • Custom Item Inventory
    - Whole new interface
    - 18 inventory cargo slots
    - 9 useful slots
    - 6 basic hero slots
    - 5 different hero animations
    - 2 forms (ranged/melee)
    - So far only few items added (Iron Sword, Iron Dagger, Iron Bow, Staff of Flames, Iron Curiass, Iron Shield).
  • Hero Stats System
    - 3 Primary Hero Stats (Agi, Str, Int)
    - 12 Secondary Hero Stats
    - Around 30 editable stats/attributes
  • Damage Engine
    - Recreated whole system
    - New stats like fire/poison/cold/lightning damage/resistance
    - New effects and bonuses
    - New projectile/missile system
  • Abilities
    - Re created whole system
    - Items such as Staff of Flames can add abilities to hero
  • Improved some code

Version: -
  • Quests
    - Re created whole system
    (Added text, sound and special effects as well)
    - 3 New optional quests
  • Creeps
    - Added shadow essence to Ghost and Dark Minion like creeps
  • Abilities
    - Re created whole system
    - Added 2 Light Abilities (Unlock with hero level)
    - Added 7 Dark Abilities (Unlock with dark essence collected)
  • Fixed bash
  • Removed Pet System
  • Improved some code
  • New Loading Screen and Map Preview

Version: -
  • Terrain
    - Re created whole terrain
    - New area
    - New doodads
  • Creeps
    - Re created all creeps
    - Creeps now level up with hero level
    - Creeps now drop items related to their level
  • Pet System
    - Re created whole system
    - Works for Dragon and Spirit class only
    - You can summon pet if you interact with Pet Trainer (works from Hero level 5)
  • New Loading Screen and Map Preview

Version: -
  • New area: Hills of Arnor
    - New Creeps (Mud Golem/Rock Golem...)
    - New Item Categories (Steel, Priest, Leather, Magi...)
    - New Item Models
  • New Tiles
    - I imported and replaced almost all tiles...
  • New Doodads
    - Bandit Tent 1/2
    - Sack 1/2/3/4
  • Improved teleport system
    -Circle of Power now can be activated
    - Player use Dialogs to pick destination
    - New effects
    - New destinations
  • Imporved Ability System
    - New tooltips
    - New Ability pick systems
    - You can now learn all abilities
    - You can now level up your abilities (up to level 2 in this case).
  • Quests
    - New Main Quest
  • Book Reading system
    - You can read books found in game
  • New Loading Screen and Map Preview
  • Recreated Food System
    - You won't die when food reach 0.
    - Food is now reduced by 1 each 1 sec.
    - Removed slow and such like effects.
  • Optimized few systems (Hero Pick, pet, ability...)

  • Added so far unique water effect and whole underwater like terrain.
  • Added -cameraon and -cameraoff option.
  • Imported over 10 new unique models created for this project.
  • Randomized NPC units completely.
  • Improved Interact system, added a lot of new things to it.
  • Fixed terrain errors related to regular camera.
  • Optimized some code a little.

  • Fixed fail pathing ground

  • Fixed and improved food system.
    -Text tag display how much mana, life each food gave to hero.
    -Improved food description.
    -Added Food Merchant.
    -Added Gameplay Info Ability to Food Merchant (Explain: Food System)
    -Added down limit (when hunger reach 0, hero will die).
    -Reworked hunger level (starting below 25 now).
    -Text tag display message from hero when hunger drop below 25 seconds.
    -Each 6 seconds hero lose 1 food.
    -Each food give different mana, life and hunger points.
    -If you eat 2 much, you will overfeed your hero (You won't be able to feed him anymore).
  • Fixed and improved interact ability.
    -You can interact with yourself, bag or backpack now as well.
    -You can interact with enemy or friendly units.
    -Different message will be displayed each time with different color.
  • Fixed pathing ground.
  • Improved icons for gold/shadow essence/hunger etc...
  • Added new comand and improved old one:
    - "-stats" show hero stats info (critical, evasion, item droop chance etc).
    - "-acv" show hero ability class levels (spell critical, ability power levels...).
  • Improved experience system.
    -Each creep has it's own exp value.
    -Same creep won't give same amount of exp each time.
    -Text tag show exp gained.
  • Improved stun library
  • Improved messages shown when you enter different areas.
  • Edited Merchants
    -Bob the Smith (Added new items, fur armor, staff...).
    -New merchant Lidia (Can sell magic stuff like orbs, hats, books...)
  • Added Unique abilities:
    -Character History (Some NPC units have this ability, it will explain something more about them to you).
    -Gameplay Info (Some NPC units have this ability, it can explain 1 or few important game systems, for example, food merchant explain FOOD SYSTEM, while Anaxes explain CAMERA and TELEPORT systems).
    -Lore Character (Some NPC units have this ability, they are invulnerable ingame, and important for SotP story-line).
  • Fixed abilities
  • Creeps give small amount of gold coins when killed.

  • Map uploaded to thw map section.

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