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Okay, so if I want to clear out the leaks, I'll have to convert them and then add my own codes to clean them up? Or do I have rewrite the entire block (that settles leaks) that the non-native is supposed to do?

Or is it possible to create function overrides for JASS? Then I could write a global function that can be called in place of the non-natives.

I've been looking into the resource pages as well, so is there anything there that is reccomended for me to install? Theres quite a lto of stuff, but I'm trying out WorldEditorUnlimited, LeakCheck, etc

Another thing I realised during my experimentation by creating dummy achers only when the castle attacks is that it interfered with another castle attacking as well (initially I used a wait trigger then proceded to remove last created unit), ending up with units not beign removed. After changing it to use expiration timers, it works fine.

So does this mean that only one instance of the trigger can execute at once and must be finished before it can execute again? Is the trigger limited to track one event and condition (Meaning that say like I upgrade 6 towers simultaneously, only one instance will trigger, not all 6)?

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