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Blafurgh, I wanted murlocs.

Well, I sentence you to exsanguination and death for plugging my concept pipeline. Something slow and painful, like taking a dozen slivers to both eye sockets.

Originally Posted by xorkatoss View Post not sure about the WoW Murlocs...does the rules say that they are not allowed ONLY in maps?
I think we've allowed ripped resources in terraining contests in the past. It's not like we publish the maps or anything, and it's not really that controversial anymore since you could run your hand through pretty much every ditch on the internet and come up with plenty. You should probably run this by M0rbid though.
Originally Posted by xorkatoss View Post
feedback is much appreciated!!
Great that you dug out a background, it was looking pretty boxed in and cramped. Know what I'd do about now? Focus on a lead motive. You've got an average little camp right there, cozy and cordial. So now you bring out the big guns and up your game by a decimal or two. Check out some of the best terrains we've got to offer and wring out something better.

That's the mentality you should go for.

Oh and some of the formal stuff, like fog, natural environments and lighting. The center one should help you with those mountains you're worried about.
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